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Hannon’s voice is soulful, brooding and unselfconscious in its longing, with many of the songs in her set exploring themes of wistfulness and introspection Yet it wasn’t all melancholy; Hannon can also swing with the best of them…full-bodied, lyrical vocal… effortlessly riding the beat and coming in to land gracefully at the finish.

(Jazz Journal)

‘-Wonderfully vibrant and robust music-making from start to finish—Hannon’s voice is strong and clear, and she is remarkable for her tonal modulation and stylistic adaptability. This was not a singer + semi-detached trio, but a wonderfully coherent band—and every number demonstrated that in abundance. Hannon’s presence was commanding without being overbearing; and her stagecraft—charming, but minimal—allowed the music to speak for her and for the band.’